Trump Claims Not A Single Member Of Congress Voted to Impeach Or Remove Him

Just because you declare it does not make it true there, Trump.

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Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in New Hampshire last night was a complete and total train wreck, at best. Donald is still high off the fact that his GOP-stacked Senate acquitted him of all his crimes, charges, and transgressions and now that the primaries are hot on his tail he’s clearly doubling down in an attempt to ensure he can secure another four years of illegal fuckery.

As a result of the impending election and his less than flattering poll numbers as of late, Donnie’s getting a little on the desperate side, and I mean more so than usual this time.

And when Donald Trump gets desperate, Donald Trump gets weird.


His desperation usually translates to a long ramble of lies, mistruths, half-cocked conspiracies, and barely coherent rants against everyone but Jesus. And last night was no exception.

At one point during his shindig last night, Donald actually had the nerve to declare to the crowd that not a single, solitary member of the House nor the Senate voted to have him impeached, removed from office, or charged with his crimes.

“In the House, we won 196 to nothing, and then we got three Democrats,” Trump declared matter-of-factly from his podium — evidently having absolutely no clue that the House of Representatives consists of 435 members of Congress, the majority of which absolutely voted in favor of impeaching his ass and ultimately succeeded.

But, as explained by CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale this is just another example of what’s become a Trumpism at this point — an instance in which Donald only cherry-picks the parts that serve him and completely and totally ignores all the rest, typically writing it off as “fake news.”

Trump didn’t stop with the House, though. After claiming that the House that impeached him didn’t vote to impeach him, he moved on to his GOP-ran Senate, claiming that no one voted for his conviction or removal in that branch of Congress either.

“Other than Romney, we got 52 to nothing. That’s something,” he stated.

Dale went on to point out that Donald was full of shit in this regard, as well, as Mitt Romney joined the ranks of literally all the rest of the Democrats and Independents who voted in favor of conviction — ultimately landing him an acquittal on a 52-48 vote.

No matter what Donald Trump says, does, or declares from the podium of his safe-space rallies he will forever and always be an impeached president. People voted to take him out. He only got lucky in the fact that the Senate was stacked in his favor.

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