Trump Claims He’s Doing “Very Well” And “The Polls Have Been Going Up Like A Rocket Ship,” Says “George Washington Would Have Had A Hard Time Beating” Him Before COVID

He is literally insane.

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To kick things off here, I just want to be very clear about one key fact in this country right now — Donald Trump is losing. In every reputable poll to see the light of day, Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden is spanking America’s biggest embarrassment by an average of around 7 points.

However, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about here and facts mean about as much to him as poor people do. So, while we’re thoroughly disgusted as we usually are when it comes to that guy, we’re really not a bit surprised that Donnie’s plummeting poll numbers did absolutely nothing to sway him away from claiming that he’s polling fantastically. So well, in fact, that he feels he could have beat out the founding father himself, George Washington.

Speaking with far-right radio host Hugh Hewitt this morning, Donald Trump falsely declared, “We’re doing very well. I don’t know if you’ve seen, the polls have been going up like a rocket ship.”


“Hey, I was, George Washington would have had a hard time beating me before the plague came in, before the China plague,” Trump continued to rant, still clearly clinging tight to his racist description of the coronavirus. “And then, you know, like every other nation, like other countries, when you get hit, it affects you, and we went down a little bit.”

We’re all clearly aware of Trump’s dismal polling as a result of his response to the pandemic. (Or, rather, lack thereof.) But that didn’t stop him from doubling down.

“And then we went down a little bit more, and now we’re coming up at a level that we haven’t seen,” he stated, in direct contradiction of the actual public polls that still show him on a downward slide.

“I just got back from Texas, Ohio, and Florida. We’ve got all law enforcement awards, everything. We got the endorsement from all of them. But I just got back, and they’re the largest crowds on the highway I’ve ever seen. I’d love to do the rallies. We can’t because of the COVID. You know, you can’t have people sitting next to each other.”

I’m hoping someone makes it a point to show him this:

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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