Trump Claims Democrats In US Are Tougher To Deal With Than North Korea Or Russia: “They’re Far More Unreasonable And Actually They’re A Little Crazy”

Is he SERIOUSLY calling someone else crazy?

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Donald Trump returned to Wisconsin today for the first time since his rally in Milwaukee back in January, and it would be an understatement to say that the United States is a very different place than it was back then — not just because of the pandemic infections, but because of the other effects the coronavirus outbreak has wrought: In January, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was three and a half percent; today it stands at about twelve.

But what’s not different is the fact that any time Trump gets in front of a microphone, he says the most outrageous, arrogant, misguided, ignorant, half-cocked, hair-brained bullshit that any person is even remotely capable of thinking up. That’s not hyperbole — at that January rally, Trump managed to go off on tangents about light bulbs and toilets, bragged about war crimes, and even managed to insinuate that a former president was now in hell after his death.

Today, Trump claimed that dealing with Congressional Democrats — who have actually taken flak from constituents for how much they have worked with Trump on a number of issues — was worse than attempting to maintain normal relations with dictatorships in which the leaders routinely have their political detractors murdered in novel and unusual ways.


You don’t know what I have to go through with these people. [A friend asked me] ‘So which is the toughest nation to deal with? Is it China? Is it possibly Russia? Or is it maybe North Korea?’ I said ‘No, the toughest nation to deal with are the Democrats in the USA … They’re far more unreasonable, and actually, they’re a little crazy.'”

Of course, Trump’s anecdotes like this are patently false, especially when he peppers them so liberally with examples of the subjects of these stories bending over backward to show proper deference to him by calling him “sir” at every opportunity.

See if you can spot where his story goes off the rails:

Don’t get me wrong: Trump actually does believe that Democrats are harder to deal with than those countries, but that’s because he is forced to come back to work with the Democrats, and he can simply walk away from those foreign countries if they happen to piss him off too much.

Fortunately, the election edges closer each day, and Trump’s uncontained stupidity has him down by some 14 points in national polling right now to his Democratic opponent. Maybe that’s what’s got his hackles up against the Dems right now.

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