Trump Claims Biden May Insult Men By Picking A Woman For His Running Mate

I'm going to go out on a limb here to suggest that Trump isn't fond of women.

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Donald Trump said in an interview on Tuesday that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had “roped himself” into picking a woman as his running mate and went on to suggest “some people” would say men might be insulted by Biden’s insistence on doing so. Our fragile president is afraid of women, and we might be hours away from Trump calling whoever Biden picks “a nasty woman.”

Trump was interviewed by Fox Sports personality and OutKick founder Clay Travis with the host just offering some softball-friendly questions. This wasn’t an interview led by Chris Wallace or Jonathan Swan.

Travis asked Trump who he would pick if he was in Biden’s position, and the president replied, “I would be inclined to a different route to the way he’s done. First of all, he roped himself into a, you know, certain group of people.”


Travis weighed in to say, “He said he had to pick a woman.”

“He said that,” our tender flower of a president replied. “Some people would say that men are insulted by that, and some people would say it’s fine. I don’t know.”

Trump then claimed that the pick of vice president isn’t something voters are concerned about. We rate that statement false, by the way.

“I will say this, people don’t vote for the vice…. You know this is history, this isn’t necessarily me, this is history because we have a great vice president,” Trump said. “Mike Pence has been incredible actually. He’s been a great vice president and done a really, really good job in everything I’ve given him—but people don’t vote for the vice president, they really don’t.”

Here’s the audio of the Trump-friendly interview:

Biden could announce his decision as soon as this week — possibly even today. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and Susan Rice, former national security adviser to former President Barack Obama, have emerged as top contenders. Either choice would become the first Black woman chosen as a running mate. And nothing scares Trump more than a Black woman. We’ve seen how the president lashes out at woman reporters, and how he’s demeaned women over their appearance. It’s a narcissistic trait, after all.

And as a woman, I find it “insulting” that a woman hasn’t served as a president in this country yet. Biden isn’t just choosing his pick because of her gender – but there are wholly viable candidates on the Democrat’s list that would serve far better than Vice President Mike Pence has. Women are a huge voting bloc, and Trump is his own worst enemy.

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