Trump Cited A Judicial Watch Story Rated “Pants On Fire” By Reputable Fact-Checker As Proof Of Electoral Fraud

You've got to be kidding me!

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Donald Trump held yet another Coronavirus Task Force press briefing today —something that’s become a daily occurrence now that this pandemic has hit and he can no longer pack sweaty rednecks into an area for a KKK shindig disguised as a presidential rally — and frankly, this one went just as far off the rails as all the rest of them have, if not a little further, honestly.

Trump kicked things off with a cameo from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for absolutely no conceivable, legitimate reason, before he got right along with his typical antics — including bragging on himself for a whole lot of useless nothing, touting unproven and possibly dangerous drugs as treatment for coronavirus (this time adding zinc to the mix for no apparent reason whatsoever), and doing some good old-fashioned fussing at the reporters that risked their lives to cover this one-man circus act.

But Donald pushed the crazy to a new level when he attempted to trumpet some proof of electoral fraud, only to cite a source that’s literally been labeled by a reputable fact-checker as “pants on fire” level bullshit.


Trump found himself pressed by CNN’s Jim Acosta regarding the numerous claims of electoral fraud he’s made since pretty much the beginning of his presidency.

At first, Donald seems to sort of dodge the question and tells the CNN reporter that there’s evidence currently being compiled to back his ridiculous claims. However, he quickly switches gears and starts to cite a Judicial Watch story that alleges “serious voter fraud” in California during the 2016 election.

Here’s the kicker on that, though — that Judicial Watch story has been thoroughly debunked since the claim was made years ago.

It’s such a bullshit story, in fact, that the gold standard fact-checkers over at PolitiFact rated the Judicial Watch story as “pants on fire.”

“In November 2016, PolitiFact National rated Pants on Fire his contention that he lost the popular vote because ‘millions of people voted illegally.’ PolitiFact California handed out the same rating for his claim of ‘serious voter fraud’ in California,” the fact-check reads.

The president is standing at a podium touting literal fake news to fit his narrative. That’s where we’re at now.

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