Trump Campaign Reportedly Considering Dropping “Keep America Great” Slogan And The Internet Has Suggestions

Well, this is kind of sad.

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When Donald Trump took office, he rode on former President Barack Obama’s economic coattails, touting his predecessor’s achievements as his own. But, the coattails are gone, and we’re in Trump’s apocalyptic economy now. The campaign to reelect the president is testing alternatives to the “Keep America Great” slogan, according to the Washington Post.

Slogans such as “Promises Made, Promise Kept,” are now no longer used, and the economic messaging still used by the campaign online, including boasts about low unemployment, is currently out of date. There isn’t much left for Trump to use to tout his so-called achievements. And the issues Americans are now facing are the very ones Trump has failed to address. By the way, whatever happened to Trumpcare, the president’s promise to make health care affordable for all Americans immediately?

So, Twitter users thought they’d help Donald out with a slogan amid the raging coronavirus pandemic, and the protests against police brutality and racial injustice.


Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s slogan, “Restore The Soul of America,” is on point. According to the Post, Trump met with his top advisers to discuss his recent poll numbers, showing him floundering against Biden. The White House is considering whether to have Trump address the nation on race relations and unity, but that time has passed. It’s just too late to save Trump in that department after the president issued threats against protesters on Twitter.

And for the first time ever, Trump acknowledged that he’s losing to Biden in the polls, but called it “very unfair.” Perhaps Trump could use the slogan, “It’s very unfair if you don’t vote for me!” That’s all he has left.

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