Trump Campaign Already Appears To Be Fundraising Off Al-Baghdadi’s Death

I'm honestly not even surprised.

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Donald Trump has made a complete and total mockery out of our military personnel’s recent success in the termination of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He kicked things off by tweeting out an ominous post, worthy of a dramatic, angsty preteen desperate for attention, claiming “something big just happened” without another word until his press conference the next morning.

And, as expected, the press conference the next day didn’t go any better than the tweet the night before. Trump immediately took all the credit for the successful raid, despite disparaging Americans for praising Obama when Osama Bin Laden was killed and didn’t even whisper a mere mention of our servicemen and women in his address until well after he’d patted his own back and gave a big shoutout to none other than Russia.

He also went on to brutally “describe” Baghdadi’s death, claiming that the ISIS leader was “whimpering, screaming, and crying” during his last moments — a description that has since been all but disproven as it’s been revealed that Donald did not have access to audio feed during the raid and even the Pentagon chief admitted that he had no idea where Trump got the information that led to his description.


Oh yea, and he got his ass busted staging a photo of himself and members of his administration watching the raid in real time after Obama’s former photographer explain the discrepancies in a real and staged photograph and his schedule revealed that his ass was playing golf the whole time the raid was taking place.

So seriously, he’s not running on a great track record when it comes to this. And now it’s just getting worse.

Despite the fact that Baghdadi’s body has barely had time to cool, the Trump campaign is already attempting to make a few bucks off the killing.

Donald’s 2020 campaign sent a mass text out to supporters just hours after news of the successful raid broke, bragging on himself and asking receivers of the message to rate his performance. At the end of the text is a link to an “Official Job Performance Poll” that’s set up the same way all of the rest of his polls are — only giving participants the options to choose Great, Good, or Okay.

Of course, after submitting their answer and information supporters were redirected to a page featuring a stern-looking, Uncle Sam style photo of Trump where they were encouraged to cough up the cash.

“Our President has accomplished more for our Nation than any other President in the history of the United States. Under his fierce leadership, ISIS is being ELIMINATED. If President Trump isn’t re-elected, Democrats will deplete our great military and weaken our national security,” the page read.

This publicity stunt by Trump and his administration is just further proof that the fuckwit literally has no shame.

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