Trump Calls For President Obama To Be Impeached: “We Should Impeach Him”

I don't think he gets how this works.

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There are a lot of things that Donald Trump doesn’t quite understand about American government and our Constitution, and he seems to be discussing them all tonight at a rally in Colorado — a state he mistakenly believes he’s popular in, despite being underwater by ten points in approval rating in the Centennial State.

But perhaps the biggest, most epic fail thus far in an extended rant that included windmills, “unfair” Fox News coverage, the movie that won Best Picture this year, his annual Man Of The Year snub from Time Magazine, and the size of Adam Schiff’s neck has been a total, fundamental misunderstanding of what “impeachment” is.

think Trump thinks impeachment is just some kind of official statement of disapproval or something, perhaps like censure. I think he’s thought that the entire time, and I think the reason I initially thought so was that he thought the result in the Senate trial would determine whether or not he had “actually” been impeached.


In fact, Trump convinced a pretty hefty cross-section of his voters that this was the case.

But tonight, Trump drove the notion home by saying that Obama — more than three years removed from his presidency — should be impeached over Obamacare, declaring in a sing-song, taunting voice that Obama had “lied” to Americans, saying “Keep your doctor, keep your plan, keep your doctor, keep your plan.”

Of course, that’s nonsense — there was no way for Obama to have known that so many greedy insurance companies would simply elect to stop offering insurance altogether rather than accepting a plan that grandfathered them into the marketplace under the provision that they adhere to certain regulations. It wasn’t a “lie,” it was something that the insurance companies made into a thing he was wrong about.

But more importantly, and I’m not sure if you caught it just in the text of this article, Trump said it in the present tense: Obama should be impeached.

That’s crazytown, folks. That’s proof that Trump still has no idea what happened to him in the House, nor does he understand that he is now an impeached President and will be forever.

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