Trump Brags About Virginia Economy and Unemployment Numbers, Gives Credit To GOP Even Though Governor And Lt. Governor Are Democrats

I don't think he knows what he's saying at all.

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Donald Trump is a man who likes to place responsibility, and he likes to put it on the wrong people. Most generally that materializes with him claiming credit for something that another person or people should get credit for — think how he repeatedly said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi never would have been killed if not for his leadership, or how he’s responsible for “bringing back” the phrase “Merry Christmas,” or that time he actually took credit for increased safety in airline travel:

Of course, he likes to blame the wrong people when something goes badly — or at least not take any blame himself.


But sometimes the President gets carried away with his superlatives and stops relying on actual facts for what he’s saying, preferring instead to inform his narrative with things he just kind of feels like are true, like that his dad was born in Germany (he wasn’t) or that Mueller’s report said there was no obstruction of justice (it didn’t).

And sometimes we are treated to a perfect storm of his stupidity combined with his intransigence on ever admitting he was wrong about anything, and we get a tweet like the one he sent out yesterday afternoon:

First he outlines the thing he wants to take credit for — or in this case, share credit for with his fellow Republicans — by noting, mostly correctly, that Virginia’s unemployment and economy are doing very well. But then it goes completely off the rails when he says that it will all change if Democrats are elected in Virginia, presumably, he means, to positions that might somehow affect unemployment or the economy, like say, Governor or even Lieutenant Governor…

…which are both offices currently held by Democrats, Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax.

So many questions! Does he not know who signs budgets in Virginia? Does he not know who the executives of Virginia ARE? Does he not know the governor of a state is like a mini-president?

Virginia’s legislature has been shifting to the left as well, with more elected Democrats in both chambers of their legislature than there have been in more than 20 years.

I know we can’t expect Donald Trump to know everything, but you would think that by now someone — maybe Dan Scavino — would at least be on hand to google the political party of the guy in charge of the state his boss is tweeting about.

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