Trump Begins His Davos Speech By Boasting About All His “Accomplishments”

What a fool.

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While Donald Trump’s legal team is preparing to argue that abuse of power is not an impeachable offense, the “president” spoke in Davos, Switzerland, at the world economic forum to further embarrass our country, apparently. The current occupant of the White House is accustomed to speaking in front of a crowd that worships him, but Davos is another story as Trump attempted to take credit for just about everything while on the world stage.

Trump, once again, appeared to have trouble with his breathing and reading the teleprompter. “Today I am proud to declare that the United States is in the midst of an economic boom, the likes of which the world has never seen before,” Trump insisted. “We’ve regained our stride, rediscovered our spirit, and reawakened the powerful machinery of American enterprise.”



Trump is trying to gaslight the world as he failed to mention that he has now added $2.6 trillion to the national debt in just three years, but that’s one thing he’s doing “better” than former President Barack Obama. While on the campaign trail, Trump promised in 2016 to eliminate both the national debt and the annual budget deficit. Instead, they’ve reached all-time highs. Trump’s job numbers still lag behind Obama’s. Manufacturing is in a recession.

Factories in the U.S. shed 12,000 jobs in December, the New York Times reports, “with the steepest loss in the making of fabricated metal products.” And it gets worse with a further 8,000 jobs lost in the mining sector, and we all remember when Trump repeatedly vowed to save the coal industry. And transportation and warehousing employment fell by 10,400, another potential knock-on effect of the manufacturing slump, according to the report.

Trump has failed on so many levels, including dismissing the climate crisis while in Davos. As for our country’s “stride” and rediscovering “our spirit,” the U.S. has been divided into tiny bits by the former reality show star. One only needs to point to Trump’s Twitter timeline as he lashes out at a good portion of this country’s population and the world to confirm this.

It appears that Mr. Trump thought he was speaking at a campaign rally.

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