Trump Arrived Back In Florida And Palm Beach Residents Sent Him A Message He’ll Never Forget

This is hilarious.

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No matter where Donald Trump goes, he is the most hated man in America. Despite how much he wants to escape his job in the White House and tries to self-soothe by running off to his golf courses and spending all his time on social media, the president can’t get rid of his responsibilities. Not to mention, Americans are always there to remind him.

Even areas of the United States where many of Trump’s own voters live have been major protest areas. For example, Palm Beach County in Florida is a major destination for retired white people, one of Trump’s biggest demographics. While 15 percent of these residents are 65 and over, they have quickly realized that Donald Trump is a disaster for this country as they face insane hikes in insurance premiums and reductions in benefits. They’ve woken up to the fact that Trump lied to them about health care and was equally dishonest about all the hard “work” he would be doing as POTUS.

Americans old and young are now bitter as hell over the fact that Trump promised to be some kind of “no vacation” president, but he’s spent a great portion of his time not doing any work and not being anywhere near the Oval Office. Trump has been spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money playing golf every weekend, and people are furious. Often when the president visits his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida, the president’s motorcade ride is interrupted by protesters holding up signs and telling him how much they hate him. Just check this footage out from when the president visited West Palm Beach:


America will never accept this president and most of us can’t wait for 2020, so we can get Trump AND all his disgraceful Republican colleagues out of government.

Featured image via screen capture

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