Trump-Appointed Judge Just Made A Ruling Over Russia Investigation That Will Have Trump Fuming

This landmark ruling should make Donald Trump very, very nervous.

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In what seems like it must be a final death blow to the argument being made by the many targets of the Robert Mueller investigation, a fourth federal judge has upheld the constitutionality of Mueller’s appointment today, quashing the effort to have his disqualified from continuing his investigation.

The legal cases against Mueller were never more than thin, and each judge who has handed down a similar ruling has said essentially the same thing: While nothing in the Constitution specifically authorizes the appointment of a Special Counsel to conduct trial investigations into government employees or even private citizens, the Department of Justice has the authority to appoint anyone qualified that it chooses to act as a neutral or impartial investigator and prosecutor.

No one has ever fit that description better than Robert S. Mueller III.


The former FBI Director is a decorated war hero with an unmatched track record of respect from everyone inside government — prior to the Russia investigation. In fact, even within those who now criticize Mueller or his methods, those criticisms look overtly political, especially coming from people who praised his appointment at the outset of the investigation due to his reputation. Many of those even on Trump’s legal team initially were supportive of Mueller’s investigation — until it appeared that it was going to bring down some Republicans.

The decision from District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich, however, is unique in that this is the first Trump appointee who has made such a ruling, or in fact ruled against the President at all.

In this particular court case, the defendants attempting to have Mueller removed were a company called Concord Management, who were indicted in February in the sweeping action against 13 Russian nationals and multiple companies. Their argument, like Paul Manafort’s or even that of Andrew Miller, the former aide to Roger Stone, was that Mueller was overstepping his constitutional authority.

Days like today feel like inches closer to justice for America. For Donald Trump, it must feel like inches closer to jail.

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