Trump Appears To Snap At Jim Acosta After He Questions POTUS About His Lies Concerning Parnas: “Quiet!”

He always manages to make a bad situation worse.

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Donald Trump is definitely not having a good day as the Senate was sworn in to begin his impeachment trial. Anyone could tell that Grandpa Trump was super-grumpy today as he raged on Twitter in all Republican caps. Adding to Trump’s problems is that the “president’s” personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s indicted associate Lev Parnas has been making the media rounds to dish out dirt on every fucking body in the former reality show star’s administration. CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta was just doing his job by asking Trump about his latest scandal, namely Parnas, who unleashed texts and docs that strongly suggest that the “president,” Giuliani, and other members of his administration are complicit in trying to get dirt in Ukraine on his political rival Joe Biden.

Acosta asked Trump about that; after all, he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t. Trump denied knowing Parnas even though the two have been seen in multiple pictures together. Parnas, for the record, has threatened to release a new photo of himself with Donald Trump every time the “president” denies knowing him.

After being pressed on the issue, Trump looked at Acosta and said, “Quiet,” and that totally doesn’t make him look guilty at all (wink wink).



Acosta tweeted about the incident:

We’ll leave you with this:

What are the odds of Trump denying knowing Giuliani, too, by the weekend?  As for the picture Parnas threatened to release Donald denies knowing him, his attorney tweeted out a video of them partying and whatnot at Mar-a-Lago.

o Featured image via screen capture.

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