Trump Appears To Say He Wants To Reopen The Country On Easter To Pack The Churches: “I Think It Will Be A Beautiful Time”

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During Donald Trump’s softball interview on the White House lawn with Fox News, the president suggested opening the country back up for business by Easter, even though health officials and government leaders are urging people to not gather in groups during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump isn’t known for taking advice from experts since the former reality show star thinks he knows e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Why on Easter Sunday, though? To pack the churches amid the pandemic, of course.

A lot of churches are holding services online, but Trump said, “it’s never going to be like being there” and “you’ll have packed churches all over our country.”


Trump added, “I think it will be a beautiful time.”


Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. is urging five thousand students to return to campus in Lynchburg, Virginia. The Life Tabernacle Church defied practicing social distancing by hosting 1,825 people at its Sunday morning service. The church used 26 buses to pick people up from around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area and transported them to Sunday service. That’s a stunningly stupid action since New Orleans is a hotbed for the coronavirus with hospitals overwhelmed.

Pastor Tony Spell says the way to handle a pandemic is through the healing hand of Jesus. That is our command, they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, the pastor said.

Well, the only thing Trump is accustomed to laying hands on is porn stars and whatnot. So, either Trump is pandering to his evangelical base by trying to kill them, or he’s astoundingly stupid, or both. It’s a toss-up with this guy. Trump doesn’t have a religious bone in his body, and the pastors defying orders from their governors have the IQ of a turnip, or a driving need to fill their collection plates for Jesus.

If former President Barack Obama had suggested something of this nature, conservatives would have accused Trump’s predecessor of trying to literally kill Christians. And that one time, they would have been correct, but because it’s Trump, they’re OK with that. This is the world we live in now.

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