Trump Appears To Predict A Biden Victory During Fox News Town Hall: “He’s Gonna Be Your President Because Some People Don’t Love Me”

Even Trump knows Trump is going to lose.

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Donald Trump’s mental health has been a whirlwind to be reckoned with since what feels like forever ago, way back in his campaigning days. And frankly, it seemed as though it only got worse when he took office.

Since that fateful day in 2017, when Donald Trump moved his family and his golf clubs into the White House, it’s felt like a never-ending, rapidly descending, downhill spiral. With each and every day, we’re left wondering as a nation if today will be the day that the guy who’s supposed to be sworn to protect us, the guy with access to the big, red button, completely loses his entire mind.

Frankly, there have been what I would call more than a few close calls.


Whatever it is that Trump’s got going on with his mental health — whether it be excessive drug use, wildly unchecked mental illness, or the rapid onset of a mind-altering disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s — it often seems to cause a rather manic state in the president.

His pupils are dilated, he’s attempting to speak too fast for his mouth to keep up, and he goes off on rants and tangents about things that make absolutely no sense.

And it’s certainly no secret that, as this year’s election creeps close and closer, the state of Donald’s mind is just getting worse and worse.

But whatever mind-altering issue he’s dealing with, Trump seemed to suffer quite a depressive episode during a town hall with his good pal Sean Hannity on Fox News last night — when Donald Trump himself seemingly admitted that he will lose the November election.

In the course of pouting about how disliked he is, Trump appeared to resign himself to the impending loss to Democratic nominee Joe Biden, stating, “The man can’t speak and he’s gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe and all I’m doing is doing my job.”

During the course of the town hall, Trump went on to complain about protesters, Democrats as a whole, the “fake news” media, and coronavirus testing in the US. However, none of that was quite as bizarre as Trump’s apparent admission of defeat.

In case you couldn’t tell by now, Donald Trump is an extremely arrogant man. For him to sit on national television and make a declaration such as that… Well, something is seriously going on.

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