Trump Appears To Motion To Melania To Smile During Latest Photo-Op At National Shrine

I think I'd have some trouble putting a smile on my face too.

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After hiding in his bunker Hitler-style a few days ago, and promptly being dragged like the disgusting piece of chickenshit he is, Donald Trump has been adamant about squeezing in as many public appearances as possible by whatever force he deems necessary, starting with using a literal chemical weapon on the streets of D.C. last night, tear-gassing protesters out of the way so he could safely walk his happy self to the church across the road for a photo-op.

And I suppose his little taste of freedom and publicity outside of his bitch bunker gave him the craving for more. Because today, Trump ventured out of the safety of the White House again, for yet another photo-op, this time in front of a Catholic shrine.

But while Donald was eating up the camera flashes and public outing now that the military has pretty much committed a war crime at his bequest to keep him safe from the thousand of people that hate every atom of his being, Donnie’s wife didn’t seem near as keen on the whole ordeal.


While standing in front of the shrine for their pictures, Trump was beaming from ear to ear as Melania flanked him with her typical solemn, almost angry expression.

Apparently, Trump wasn’t too happy about that.

In video footage of their photo-op, Donald can be seen motioning and speaking to his wife who was standing at his side and appeared to tell or motion to her that she needed to smile for the camera.

While you can’t hear what Donald was saying to his wife, it’s pretty clear what he was trying to get her to do, as Melania attempted to crack a smile, which only turned out to be an absolutely painful-looking grimace before settling back down into her typical death stare.

At this point, it’s hard to tell if Melania was truly upset about what they were doing there or not, considering her face pretty much always looks like that. But it was pretty easy to tell that she certainly wasn’t exuding the enthusiasm Trump was hoping for.

Featured image via screen capture 

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