Trump Appears To Momentarily Forget Where He’s At During Las Vegas Rally: “Right Here In… Your Place”

He should've had his keys taken away three 'stages' ago.

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There is something terribly wrong with Donald Trump.

I’m not a doctor, so I obviously can’t say with certainty what it is. But God knows… There’s something.

Whether it’s the decades upon decades of substance abuse, a wildly untreated case of neurosyphilis, the effects of anti-viral herpes medication on an elderly mind, or the rapid onset of a cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s or dementia (or, possibly a combination of all of the above) — something has caused Donald’s brain cells to buy a one-way ticket straight out of his head.


Donald’s been struggling with keeping his mind in one piece for some time now. The fact of the matter is, we all know good and well that he wasn’t in good mental health before he even took the position of president.

However, it impossible to ignore the fact that this gig of his has most definitely taken its toll on his already fragile mind.

It’s a common occurrence these days to hear about Trump slurring his speech, mixing up common words with other random words, and being overall completely incoherent when he attempts to speak.

However, this afternoon during his matinee Las Vegas rally, the second stop on a three-day MAGA rally tour, Trump may have reached the height of his cognitive decay when he appeared to quite literally forget where he was at.

In what I’m sure was an attempt to get his rabid crowd riled up, Trump tried to appeal to the attendees of the rally by pointing out where they were. (Weird tactic, dude. But okay.)

The only problem was, he didn’t seem to actually know for a second there.

“Right here in… Your place,” Trump stated as you could visibly watch the confusion wash over his face.

He recovered relatively quickly, following it up with a quick declaration of “Las Vegas” but that bewildered look hung around for a while.

I’ve gotta be honest with you, should this be anyone else we were talking about here… They’d have been in a nursing home about 47 “oh fuck” moments ago.

Featured image via screen capture

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