Trump Appears To Have Trouble Speaking At Mt. Rushmore Event: “Toe-tally-tarry-tism”

He sounded like he had a mouthful of firecrackers.

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Maybe it’s been a long day. Every day feels like a million years to me, but who knows? Maybe Trump is really feeling the weight of his morning round of golf, followed by the [checks notes] nothing but traveling on a luxury plane all day today, but tonight at the early 4th of July event in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the temperature was up, Trump was sweating like a pig, Mary Hart spoke just a little too long, and Mt. Rushmore loomed large in the background as Trump struggled through yet another scripted testimony to the gullibility of his rabid fans.

There was no shortage of jabs at the left and lies about what demonstrators and protesters across the country were and are doing, not just from Trump, but even a little warming up of the crowd of about 7,500 by South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem.

But whether it was the long day, or the weather, or just a slightly too-large dose of whatever “medicine” is keeping him upright so long after his bedtime tonight, Trump really stumbled with a lot of the text scrolling up his teleprompter. Many people forget that Trump has a bit of an accent because he’s parodied so often and it all sounds like an act, but some days a lingering Manhattan lilt just doesn’t account for the savagery he commits on common English words.


Tonight’s blue-ribbon word was in reference to The Left™ of course, in which Trump decried “cancel culture” and the fact that people can no longer just say the first and most offensive thing that comes to mind — and his speechwriter, presumably Stephen Miller, included the biggest, scariest word he could include, without giving a second thought to whether Trump might stumble on it like a hurdle in 3rd-grade field day for a short kid: Totalitarianism.

But you can’t throw that word at Trump. In fact, let me show you why:

Friends, he stumbles when he is forced to say a word he knows applies to himself.

Featured image via screen capture

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