Trump Appears To Have A Meltdown During Texas Rally, Impersonates US President And CNN Anchor

Why am I not even surprised?

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We’re nearly three years deep into this clusterfuckery they call the Trump presidency. And honestly, it’s been nothing but a shitstorm since day one. I mean, let’s get real here — before he even managed to nab the presidency (lookin’ at you, Putin) he was batshit crazy in all of his campaign rallies and speeches.

And now that the 2020 election season is creeping up on him and he’s facing an impeachment in addition to the very real possibility that he’ll be voted out the traditional way if Congress hasn’t voted him out themselves by then, it’s pretty safe to say that Donnie’s public appearances are quickly going from bad to worse.

Trump help a 2020 campaign rally in Dallas, Texas last night, just a few hours after his White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney went on live national television and boldly admitted to Trump’s quid pro quo with Ukraine.


So maybe Donnie was a little “shaken up” as House Speaker Pelosi would describe it.

But whatever the reasoning may be behind his manic outbursts, Trump certainly wasted no time in going completely off the rails last night.

During his shindig last night, Donald decided to give the crowd a taste of his impersonation skills, by mocking both a CNN anchor as well as a former United States president.

“No guns. No religion. No oil. No natural gas,” Trump stated. “Abraham Lincoln could not win Texas under those circumstances. Couldn’t do it.”

Actually, Abraham Lincoln didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell when it came to winning Texas because the state downright refused to print his name on any ballots. But whatever.

Donnie then went on to give the crowd two different impersonations during his dreadfully long 87-minute diatribe.

“I used it to say, I can be more presidential. Look,” Trump exclaimed as he shuffled himself across the stage rather awkwardly. “All you have to do is look like a stiff.”

Then he switched gears into his impersonation of a CNN reporter, stating, “Texas is in play.”

Donald actually spent a lot of time throughout his speech harping on the theme that Texas isn’t in play — even though a Republican president had literally just flown to the state for a campaign rally. But again, whatever.

You can watch the clip on the ordeal here:

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