Trump Appears To Engage In Another Quid Pro Quo, Suggests NY Should Drop Lawsuits If They Want Expedited Traveler Programs Reinstated

Oh, he learned a lesson alright: He can do whatever he wants.

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Considering all the talk of Donald Trump “learning his lesson” following his impeachment in the House, Senate Republicans sure seemed to have a short memory, even failing to remember back to a time just after his quid pro quo with Ukraine was revealed, when he stood on the White House lawn and called on Ukraine to complete the deal — and for China to join the fun.

In fact, looking at Trump’s life as a timeline of mistakes, lies, crimes, and cover-ups, there are plenty of data points that tell us The Donald has never learned a goddamn thing in his life from the fallout of bad behavior because he’s never actually been held accountable.

Sure, he was successfully sued by the Justice Department way back in the day for refusing to rent to black people — but he’s still a landlord. Yeah, he’s been credibly accused of sexual assault by around two dozen women — but he’s still a sexist pig who touches people inappropriately, even in public to this day.


quid pro quo is honestly no big deal for this guy, is what I’m trying to tell you.

So when he engaged in another such shady interaction today on social media, I’m willing to bet he didn’t think twice. In fact, he’s been so unfazed by his impeachment, I doubt that he understands even now that quid pro quos are illegal when you’re the President.

The “National Security” that Donnie refers to here is the rescinding of “Global Entry” in New York, a program that allowed people to travel on an expedited pass who travel regularly and have passed through security multiple times — the Department of Homeland Security removed Global Entry status from the state after New York passed a law preventing Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, CBP and ICE, from randomly and freely accessing the state’s driver database to mine for personal information.

The “lawsuits” and “harassment” Trump is referring to, of course, are the cases brought against him and his businesses and foundation in the state of New York.

This is a blatant attempt to extort Mayor Andrew Cuomo into quashing the cases pending against Trump and his interests in exchange for reinstatement of Global Entry status in the state.

Has Trump learned a lesson? Maybe, but I think it’s the opposite of the one he probably should have.

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