Trump Appeared To Lose His Cool During Speech, Cursed Out Democrats On Live Television

He's losing his sh*t!

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Y’all’s Stable Genius “President” really needs anger management therapy. Donald Trump has become increasingly more unhinged since he took the oath of office, and the signs of his instability have been obvious for years — but he’s getting worse. For example, during his crazy-time speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan in late March, the thin-skinned “president” put his tender feelings on display over the Russia investigation as he unleashed on the media and Democrats.

Trump, who seems to object if women Democrats curse, has a penchant for cursing, so at one point during his speech, he decided to curse out the Democratic Party for their “ridiculous bullshit.”

“So the Russia hoax proves more than ever that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do: Drain the swamp,” Swamp monster Donald Trump told the crowd. “The Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous, bullshit, partisan investigations, or ways they will apologize to the American people and it join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.”



And from there, it got worse:


According to Trump’s totally credible “doctor,” the obese “president” is in great physical health. The best physical health of any man alive – ever! And that does not explain all the meds he’s allegedly taking.

Trump is also math-challenged but does very well at gaslighting.

There’s something deeply wrong with a “man” who can lie so easily while cursing out his critics who call him out on it. Even worse, Trump’s supporters just refuse to acknowledge that they gave the keys to the White House to a crazy person. We don’t know how much more proof they need.

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