Trump Appeared To Lose His Cool At Press Briefing, Told Reporter To “Be Quiet” Multiple Times

What in the actual hell is wrong with him?!

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Donald Trump took a few moments before departing the White House recently to stop and chat with a gaggle of reports and, as usual, it was a complete dumpster fire just like all the rest.

Donald’s never been competent at simply answering any question that’s asked of him, nor has he ever been good at simply replying with “no comment.” Or any other dignified form of a response, really.

Instead, it seems to never fail that he goes off on some manic, likely untreated Syphilis-fueled rant that’s barely coherent, full of the worst of the worst of right-wing conspiracies, and leaves him sounding as though the men in the white van should be along any moment to wrap him up in a jacket that makes him hug himself.


And this time was not a damn bit different, folks.

As expected, he went off on an unhinged tirade against the whistleblower, demanding the public release of the individual’s name despite the fact that such a move would be against the law and even went so far as to suggest that the person’s attorney be “sued for treason.”

He explained that he may end up endorsing Jeff Sessions after all, simply because the guy said “very nice things” about him and evidently that’s the only criteria you have to meet for government positions these days.

Then he denied even really knowing Gordon Sondland, the man that he personally appointed to the position of American EU ambassador after Sondland testified against him as part of him impeachment inquiry recently.

And he went on to give all the reporters “what the fuck?” faces when he revealed that he may attend Russia’s May Day military parade next year after receiving an invite from Putin himself.

But Donald really, completely showed his ass during the press gaggle when he ended up losing his shit and yelling at a reporter.

Trump was trying to shit talk Joe Biden for the eleventy millionth time as of late when one reporter interrupted him with a question — which got Donnie’s panties all in a bunch real quick-like.

“Be quiet. Be quiet! Be quiet!” Trump shouted repeatedly at the reporter who dared interrupt his meltdown against the Bidens.

Folks, there comes a time when we take grandpa’s keys away and move him somewhere safe, with LifeAlert buttons and those pull strings in the bathrooms. Now is Trump’s time.

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