Trump Appeared To Ban Parkland Father From White House Event For Survivors’ Families

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about gun reform. He doesn’t give a damn about creating safer gun laws. He doesn’t care at all about the lives lost as a result of being hundreds of years behind in sensible regulations or safety. He doesn’t lose a single wink of sleep when people’s children, teachers, parents, real, live human beings are cut short from the life they deserve all because someone has access to a gun who shouldn’t have. And it damn sure doesn’t make him so much as consider any new legislation to prevent it from happening again.

Why would it? The type of people who shoot up schools and churches and mosques and movie theaters — they’re his people. His voters. His base. God knows he certainly wouldn’t turn his back on them, their loyalty, and definitely not their money just to save a life.

However, he does occasionally have to act as though he gives enough of a fuck to keep the American people and what I’m sure would turn out to be more than a few rogue Congress members from just physically packing him out of the White House and tossing him out on Pennsylvania Avenue on his big ass.


And that’s when events like yesterday’s come in.

Yesterday afternoon, Trump held a get-together for families of the Parkland shooting survivors’ families where those attending were supposed to have an opportunity to speak with the president about gun control.

But, in a move that I find completely unsurprising from Donald Trump, the president made damn sure not to invite one person in particular that he knew would give him a real challenge.

According to a tweet posted to his account, prominent gun reform activist, vocal Trump detractor, and father of Parkland victim Jaime Guttenberg, Fred Guttenberg, was specifically left off the invite list.

The Miami Herald covered Guttenberg’s non-invite and spoke with the prominent activist who told the publication, “I love the families and do not want to interfere. My issue is only with the way the [White House] put out its public schedule.”

This is the same Guttenberg who was recently escorted out of Trump’s SOTU speech.

Now, this is not to say that the remainder of Parkland victim-survivors won’t be just as vocal against Trump and the GOP’s beloved guns. This is just to say that Donald is a scared little bitch and went out of his way to make sure that the one he knew would cause him a problem wouldn’t be anywhere in sight. Because that’s what he does.

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