Trump Apparently Joked “I Would Do What Hunter Biden Did For Millions of Dollars”

There's not much he wouldn't do for money.

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Now that he’s realized former Vice President Joe Biden is likely to be his biggest competition in the rapidly approaching 2020 presidential election, Trump has been doubling down on his efforts and rhetoric to disparage the Democratic candidate — after, of course, his attempts to kick the Democratic frontrunner out of the race via extortion of a foreign country to give him political dirt effectively blew up in his face, that is.

Clearly, the man knows he’s in hot water and he’s getting increasingly nervous as it’s beginning to boil around him.

However, even the most brutal of Trump’s anxieties have never and likely will never change him from the money-hungry, self-centered piece of shit that he always has been and always will be.


Donald proved as much last night, during his Toledo, Ohio MAGA rally when he admitted to the crowd and the rest of the nation who tuned in to that shitshow that, despite all of the flack he’s given Joe and his son Hunter for their perceived transgressions, if he were offered the right amount of money, he would do the same damn thing he claims it was illegal for Hunter Biden to do.

Evidently, “millions of dollars” is just the ticket.

In the midst of his numerous attacks against various Democrats last night, Trump set his sights on his biggest 2020 competitor and his son.

“Where’s Hunter?!” Trump shouted from the podium to a rambunctious round of cheers. “Here’s a guy, made no money, got thrown out of the military forces, I think the Navy, got thrown out, had no job, had no nothing.”

“So he went from that to making millions of dollars a year as soon as Sleepy Joe became vice president, right? He made millions of dollars a year,” he continued before dropping his bombshell statement on the crowd. “Would anybody in this room do that for millions? I would. We all would.”

Of course, I suppose we should all be outraged at what he admitted to the masses last night. However, it’s just hard to get that way anymore considering we all know damn good and well he’d do it for a bag of Corn Nuts, a free spray tan, and a Diet Coke.

You can watch the clip here:

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