Trump Apparently Ignored Pleas From Democratic Governor For Ventilators But Sent Them Right After GOP Senator Called For Them

Coloradans should be enraged by this scheme.

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In an apparent scheme to make Senator Cory Gardner (R-Co.) look like a hero, President Donald Trump purposely ignored requests from Democratic lawmakers in the state for much-needed ventilators to fight the coronavirus pandemic, only to approve the request immediately once it came from Gardner.

Gardner is one of the most endangered Senate Republican incumbents up for re-election this year. He is being challenged by several prospective Democratic opponents, including former Governor John Hickenlooper. Gardner’s vote to acquit Trump in a rigged impeachment trial didn’t do him any favors in the eyes of voters.

So, Trump is doing him one.


Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) has been requesting ventilators from the federal government for a while now, as have other Democrats such as Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Co.), only to be ignored or denied.

But after Gardner requested the ventilators, Trump quickly approved and bragged about it during a press conference this week and on Twitter.

This certainly appears to be an effort to make it look like Gardner is the white knight who came to Colorado’s rescue.

“It seems that way to me,” DeGette told CNN. I was totally outraged. I think this thing that happened with Senator Gardner and President Trump is very disturbing. What is the process here?”

Clearly, the process involves rejecting or ignoring requests from Democrats for vital medical supplies, only to turn around and approve requests from Republicans to make it look like Republicans are the ones doing something to help during this crisis. Of course, how many Coloradans died waiting for a ventilator because Trump refused to help until a Republican approached him with a similar request?

People are dying and Trump is playing politics. This kind of behavior should be punished, not rewarded. And Americans can punish Trump and Republicans by voting against them in November.

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