Trump Ally Goes On National Television And Point Blank Says “He Is Losing” Unless There Is A Fundamental Change

We're sure Trump will take this in a thoughtful manner.

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Donald Trump is plummeting in the polls, and it’s obvious to anyone that he will be defeated in November. Even the president knows that he will lose to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. And frankly, Trump doesn’t even appear to be trying to win at this point as he travels about to visit his golf courses instead of dealing with multiple national crises. There really isn’t a way for Trump to turn this around after causing so much damage, and of course, he’s found himself embedded in yet another massive scandal.

Appearing on This Week, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the quiet part out loud to host George Stephanopoulos.

“[President Trump] is losing and if he doesn’t change course, both in terms of the substance of what he is discussing and the way that he approaches the American people, then he will lose,” Christie said in regard to the national polls.



Christie brought up Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity in which the president crashed and burned in front of the world. “The trend is obvious,” Christie said. “The trend is moving toward Joe Biden,” and he added that the Democratic nominee doesn’t have to do anything at this point to win. “There are one hundred and twenty-eight days left,” Christie said but added that fundamental changes will have to be made for Trump to win.

But change isn’t something this president is capable of achieving.

Trump is currently hitting the links with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham instead of addressing the disasters the nation is facing. This president failed to spring into action when the people he’s supposed to represent found themselves sheltering at home and suddenly jobless, with many Americans forced to go to food pantries to feed their families. This president failed to address systematic racism as the country mourned another unarmed Black man’s murder by police officers.

Mr. Trump deserves to be a one-term president. It’s too late for Trump to make “fundamental changes” since the president can’t change the past.

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