Trump Allegedly Told Corporate Bosses After Signing The China Trade: “Will You Say, Thank You, Mr. President At Least? Huh?”

His arrogance knows no limits.

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Donald Trump has a tendency to pack around this weird, heady combination of unrivaled arrogance and self-importance mixed in with a heaping helping of some big insecurities — and honestly, it makes for some extremely peculiar and downright cringe-worthy behavior out of the dude that’s supposed to be running our country.

More often than not, Trump’s little emotion issues and undiagnosed personality disorders start to kick it with what I’m almost certain is a raging drug issue and, frankly, he just starts acting really fucking weird.

And that’s precisely what happened yesterday when Donnie sat down to sign his preliminary trade deal with China — where he wound up attempting to tease a handful of this nation’s most powerful executives, only to end up making himself look and sound like the awkward idiot who barely knows where he’s at, that he truly is.


“Most of you, I can say, you’re doing fantastically well,” Trump chortled as he greeted the group of bigwigs and gave them all rowdy slaps on the back, oddly continuing, “Thank you, Mr. President.’ Don’t worry about it. Don’t feel guilty.”

Donald’s new trade agreement with China focuses on the US cutting in half a 15 percent duty that was in place on $110 billion worth of Chinese goods and putting a hold on several tariff increases that the Trump administration had planned provided that China spends no less than $200 billion more than they did on 2017 on American goods over the course of the next two years, as well as improve their protections for intellectual property and open up their financial markets.

During the meeting, Trump took the opportunity to crack a “joke” at eBay’s interim CEO, Scott Schenkel, telling the man that he often sees items that he’s autographed for sale on his platform.

“I sign things, and the next night I see them on eBay,” he claimed before offering up the example of a pair of shoes he had signed for someone, only to turn around and see them posted for sale on eBay for $5,000.

“Sometimes it’s the senators and the congressmen that do it,” he stated.

He also made an uncomfortable statement toward the fresh Boeing CEO David Calhoun, who only just started Monday, saying that the man was off the hook for all of the recent 737 Max’s issues. “It’s not your fault,” he said. “You just got there.”

Of course, things only got weirder from there, with Donald essentially demanding the credit for the record-breaking revenue and profits seen by JPMorgan Chase last year. He asked bank assets and wealth-management division boss Mary Erdoes, “Will you say, ‘Thank you, Mr. President’ at least? Huh?”

Once he noticed that he couldn’t get eyes on the hedge fund Citadel, Ken Griffin, he quipped a suggestion that the man was squirreling away his cash, “Where the hell is he? He’s trying to hide some of his money.”

As he made his way down the line to News Corp CEO Robert Thomson, Trump heaped his praises on the Fox News executive, stating, “Is he the greatest, though, or what?”

He bragged on Murdoch’s recent $71 billion sale of the 21st Century Fox company to Disney but was sure not to miss the opportunity to harp on his never-ending quarrel with Disney CEO Bob Iger.

“He sold all the stuff he didn’t want,” Donald complained. “He sold it to some group that doesn’t like Trump as much — that’s the only problem.”

Frankly, the whole ordeal turned out to be an awkward clusterfuck that did little more than leave us all cringing a bit harder at the fact that this man is unfortunately now considered the face of this nation.

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