Trump Advisor Freaks Out On Reporters In WH Driveway, Tells America They’ll Never See Trump’s Taxes

America deserves the truth!

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This year’s Tax Day has been eye-opening for Americans. Not only did we get a shock when the GOP bragged about how Donald Trump’s tax cuts had benefited Americans (which it obviously has NOT), but Trump’s own advisor has crushed all hope that we might one day have a look at Trump’s tax returns, as the president has been promising to reveal these documents for over two years now.

Earlier today while meeting with reporters in the White House driveway, White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow flipped out on reporters who were courageous enough to hold the president accountable and ask him about his tax returns. This all started when NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker questioned Kudlow on the returns, only to have the White House advisor repeatedly dance around it before having a meltdown. Welker began:

Larry, as you know, it is Tax Day -“

Kudlow cut her off and interrupted with a “joke”:


Hi folks, did you all pay your taxes? I want to take a poll. Yes, up, down, thumbs up, did you pay your taxes?”

Welker pressed on and asked again, “Larry, since it’s Tax Day, should the president release his tax returns?” Kudlow started to lose his patience quickly and gave the same bullsh*t excuse the president has been repeating:

The president is not releasing his tax ref… his tax forms today. I refer you to Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin all about that. It’s under audit. He’s submitted hundreds of pages, you know the arguments.”

Welker did not give up and reminded Kudlow, “But past presidents have been under audit, Larry.” The Trump advisor continued to ignore her and said:

One thing I want to say is echo the Secretary of the Treasury, my good friend Steve Mnuchin, this administration has no intention to weaponize the IRS the way the Nixon Administration did, and all this looks a little too political for us, but I’ll leave it there and refer you to the Treasury Secretary. That’s all I have on that.”

It wasn’t long before Kudlow would flip out. When Welker returned to her question and said, “Can I just ask you about the audit portion of that? Because past…”- and Kudlow cut her off and shut her down by saying:

No you may not. I have nothing else to say on the matter. I refer you to the Treasury Department.”

The interesting thing here is that Trump’s own chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, recently stated that an audit did not prevent the president from releasing his tax returns. You can watch Kudlow give this super uncomfortable interview below:

America deserves to know what the president has been hiding and why he hasn’t released his returns like he should have. Clearly, his team is working hard to protect him and keep his secrets safe.

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