Trump While Talking About Foreign Misinformation, Admits That The United States Does It Too: “They Do It And We Do It”

Good God.

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This morning, Trump conducted a phone interview with his most beloved safe space, Fox News, and it went just as badly as you’d expect.

On the Fox & Friends segment, Trump was questioned by host Brian Kilmeade regarding the recent report from Washington Post alleging that Russia, Iran, and China are running complex disinformation campaigns that essentially put the blame for coronavirus on the United States.

“According to the Washington Post, Russia, Iran, and China are going through a sophisticated disinformation campaign, essentially blaming us around the world for our bad response and for actually causing the virus, using the same principles they used to infiltrate our 2016 election,” Kilmeade stated before going on to question, “We’re the best at this. How long are we going to let these countries get away with that? And do we have a counterstrategy like the truth to tell the rest of the world?”


“Number one, you don’t know what they’re doing and when you read it in the Washington Post, you don’t believe it, I don’t — I believe very little of what I see,” Trump replied. “I see stories in the Washington Post that are so fake —”

“Well, I believe they do,” the Fox host interjected.

“so phony, I have stories that are such fake stuff and that’s number one —” Donald continued.

Kilmeade continued, “Mr. President, you know China, but you know China has already done this.”

Then the president dropped the proverbial bomb:

“They do it and we do it and we call them different things and, you know, I make statements that are very strong against China including the ‘Chinese virus,’ which has been going on for a long time, I mean, I wouldn’t say they were thrilled with that statement. When they said our soldiers did it — they said our soldiers did it, I said, ‘You mean the Chinese virus?'”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Kilmeade confirmed.

“And all of a sudden, they call and say, ‘Let’s talk nicely.’ Yeah, sure that’s — hey, every country does it, but they build it up and — we handle that and they probably handle it, but countries do that and, but, when I read things in the Washington Post, I mean I could tell you stories that they write that are just the opposite,” Donald continued before concluding, “They will do anything they can to hurt this presidency. And yet here we are with the best numbers we’ve ever had.”

Is there anything this guy can’t say at this point?

You can watch the clip here:

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