Trump Administration Official Insists He Hasn’t Seen POTUS’ “White Power” Video Retweet Just After Jake Tapper Shows It To Him

Sounds legit!

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CNN’s Jake Tapper played the racist video Donald Trump amplified by retweeting on Sunday morning for Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, and directly afterward, the Trump administration official claimed he hadn’t seen it yet, so he refused to comment on the “white power” message that the president shared. Azar denied seeing something he just saw to the State of the Union host.

“I do have to ask you,” Tapper said. “I’m stunned that the president retweeted this video in which one of his apparent supporters shouts white power. I assume that that’s not a message you stand by.”

Then Azar claimed that the president had not seen the video that he tweeted out to his massive following on Twitter.


“I’ve not seen that video or that tweet, but obviously neither the president, his administration nor I would do anything to be supportive of white supremacy or anything that would support discrimination of any kind,” Azar insisted.

“Do you think that was a mistake by the president?” Tapper asked.

“As I said, I’ve been here getting ready to speak to you,” Azar said. “I’ve not seen that, and so I don’t want to comment further on that. But obviously the president and I and his whole administration would stand against any acts of white supremacy.”

“We just played it for you, but I’ll move on,” Tapper shot back.


Sure, Trump wasn’t signaling his racist base by tweeting, “Thank you to the great people of The Villages” in response to a video of protesters verbally clashing with Trump supporters — and that includes one man who yelled “white power” while driving by in a golf cart. Sounds legit, Mr. Azar.

This is a perfect example of the Trump administration that has repeatedly denied reality. Whatever you just saw with your own eyes didn’t happen. There’s an Orwell quote for that.

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