Transcripts Of Testimony By Witnesses Quote Trump On People Of Ukraine: “They Are All Corrupt, They Are All Terrible People”

His true colors come out.

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Over the coming days, you’re certain to see not only transcribed records of what has been asked and answered in the closed-door hearings held by House Democrats as part of the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, but also varying interpretations of what the content of those transcripts means.

On the political left, you will no doubt hear that the testimonies collected thus far have all supported the Democratic view, that Trump is deserving of impeachment and that his every denial constitutes another obstruction effort which should further contribute to that verdict.

On the right, you will hear reimaginings of what various laws mean, and an effort to soft-pedal the severity of what increasingly are proving to have been crimes committed by the President.


The whole thing has become a political game to conservatives.

But the more granular details of the testimonies now being released by Democrats are what is more fascinating to me: Things about the nuance of the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Details about what kind of contact Trump emissaries had in the former Soviet republic. The theatrics of officials who put on an elaborate show to avoid being called out on Trump’s Twitter account.

And of course, details of the actual things Trump has said when he thought he was speaking privately are the most interesting to me of all.

That’s why the transcript of Kurt Volker’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee was so enthralling for me. There were plenty of details that were not previously made public, but one stood out the most to me, that seems to poke a hole in the theory that Trump was just interested in rooting out “corruption” in Ukraine and wanted the ostensibly NON-corrupt new president to help with that.

How does it make that hole? Because he never considered that Zelensky might not be corrupt since he believes all people from Ukraine are “corrupt” and “terrible.”

I’m guessing that attitude may have colored the President’s view on whether he EVER actually intended to release military aid to the country until the public became aware and involved. What would this scandal have grown into if we’d discovered it perhaps a month later than we did?

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