Tiffany Trump Joins Online Protest For George Floyd

I wonder what daddy will think.

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Many people on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have joined in an online protest called “Blackout Tuesday,” a show of solidarity with those protesting the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Users have been posting a black square after music and entertainment companies called for the online protest, suspending record releases and even halting programming on some television channels for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the length of time that former police officer accused murderer Derek Chauvin kept his knee on the neck of his victim George Floyd.

Although some users have expressed concerns that the number of people in this particular online protest using hashtags like “#BLM” and “BLACKLIVESMATTER” is crowding out posts that use those hashtags as ways for in-person protesters to get safety updates as they demonstrate out in the streets, in all it is a powerful statement of solidarity with not just Floyd but the victims of senseless police violence all over America this year and every year.


The names can never be forgotten: Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Charleena Lyles — there are far too many to list.

I have to wonder which of those names Tiffany Trump remembers, but she was nonetheless among those participating in the internet demonstration on Instagram on Tuesday:


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”Alone we can achieve so little; together we can achieve so much.”- Helen Keller #blackoutTuesday #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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Now take that in for a minute. This is not like Ivanka posting platitudes on Twitter about peace and harmony and champagne popsicles. This is the overlooked Trump child posting “#justicefor georgefloyd” in an online protest after her father called protesters “Lowlifes and Losers.”

I can’t wait to see what dad has to say about that.

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