The White House Turning Off The Lights Is Symbolic Of The Lack Of Leadership Trump Presents During A Time When Americans Need It The Most

You are a coward, Mr. Trump.

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In 2018, our brave president claimed that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting that took place there even if he were unarmed. “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump told governors during a meeting at the White House to discuss school safety at the time. Well, it’s 2020 now, and reports are out that Donald Trump hid out at a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion.

While presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden remained indoors to protect others from the raging coronavirus pandemic, Donald J. Trump hid from Americans in the basement of the White House to protect himself. But now, Biden has been out on the streets to talk to protesters while the president has been missing in action.

The bunker bitch is so brave. Trump lit a match to start a fire, then hid out in a bunker. There’s another guy that did that and his name rhymes with Shitler. The very man that conservatives propped up as an alpha-male has reduced himself to a kid on the floor of a basement in a fetal position while sucking his thumb — and all because he started something that got out of control while he refuses to accept the fact that he’s responsible for any of it.


In probably the best metaphor of his presidency, the lights that typically illuminate the exterior of the White house were turned off on Sunday night. It was quite the visual as the symbol confirmed that we are left without a leader amid the national crisis that has brought this country to a standstill.

While cities across the United States are burning, and the COVID-19 pandemic death toll is staggering, Donald Trump turned the lights off at the White House. While the country is reeling from the pandemic with more than forty million Americans suddenly out of work, and police officers murdered another unarmed black individual in Minneapolis, Trump fueled the fire on Twitter, then retreated to his safe place in the bunker of the White House.

God help us all. No matter which God you believe in. Americans are dying, but the lights have been turned off. This is Donald Trump saying, you’re on your own. Good luck!

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