Source Reveals Trump Said Gen Mattis Was “The World’s Most Overrated General” And Said It Was Him That Captured ISIS, Not Mattis

He completely lost it in there.

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As we’re all well aware by now, Donald Trump’s White House meeting with Congressmembers that was meant to come to a resolution surrounding the tragedy currently being suffered by the Kurds as a result of Trump’s decision to pull US troops from the Syria/Turkey border recently did not at all go well.

Per his usual reaction any time he feels that he’s even remotely being challenged, Donald broke down into essentially a fit of hysterics, lobbing insults and stooping to name-calling towards House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when he realized that even his own party was more than a little disgusted with him after his decision to allow thousands of our closest allies to die in a bloodbath and would be voting against his actions — ultimately resulting in the meeting coming to a rather premature end.

While the likes of  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy attempted to claim that the insults lobbed during the meeting and its subsequent dissolution were all the fault of the Democrats and House Speaker Pelosi herself, Nancy was quick to go public with her side of the story, stating that Donald was “shaken up” by the vote and explaining that the meeting simply could not continue “Because he was just not relating to the reality of it.”


However, reports are now coming out revealing what really took place inside of that meeting and it seems that Trump was far more unhinged than we even originally thought.

According to multiple verified accounts of the ongoings inside the White House this afternoon, Trump went on a manic attack against Former United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis, claiming that Mattis was “overrated” and Trump himself “captured ISIS” in one month.

As Senator Schumer attempted to question the current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, using a quote from the former Defense Secretary, Trump interjected, allegedly claiming that Mattis was “the world’s most overrated general. You know why? He wasn’t tough enough. I captured ISIS. Mattis said it would take 2 yrs. I captured them in 1 month.”

It’s clear that the whole meeting was a complete circus thanks to Trump. But then again, he never cared about the Kurds. So why would it matter to him either way?

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