Social Media Users Seemed To Think They Could See Trump’s Diaper In A Photo: “It Can’t Be Unseen”


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There’s a whole lot to unpack when it comes to Donald Trump β€” suspected drug abuse, a high likelihood of a seriously mind-altering disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia, a case of narcissism so severe I’d imagine mental health professionals around the globe are hustling to document this never-before-seen find, and evidently… A diaper.

Now, this is far from the first time it’s been speculated that the president of the United States depends on Depends for his less-than-ideal bathroom habits.

Former Apprentice employee turned stand-up comedian Noel Casler has been alleging on his social media account for some time now that Trump’s decades-long stimulant abuse habits led to a serious issue with incontinence for the real-estate mogul turned worst president in American history.


As a matter of fact, one of Casler’s recent social media revelations was in the same vein when he alleged that Donald earned the set of The Apprentice the rather gross nickname of “sh*t show” due to his regular habit of doing his bathroom duties pretty much anywhere but the actual bathroom.

But recently, thanks to a photo that made its way around social media from Trump’s White House event during which he signed the new coronavirus spending bill, social media users seem to believe that we now have proof of Casler’s “crappy” allegations.

For whatever unfortunate reason, someone captured a photo of Donald sitting at the desk as he signed the new bill at a rather unflattering angle β€” giving us all a view we never once asked for of Trump’s spread legs underneath the table.

And while there was something of noticeable size going on in that region, it certainly doesn’t seem as though it’s the thing he tends to like to brag about.

According to numerous social media speculators, we were unfortunately just graced with a grade-A shot of Donnie’s adult diaper:

I have nothing else to say. Please excuse me while I go bathe my eyeballs in holy water.

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