Social Media Users Seem To Think That Lindsey Graham Has Dyed His Hair To Resemble Donald Trump: “They’ve Always Said Dogs Look Like Their Owners”

Are we officially in the Twilight Zone now?

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Ladies and gentlemen, today we’re here to talk about Donald Trump’s bootlicker in chief, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Now don’t get me wrong, Graham has always been a big ole’ steamy hunk of southern fried garbage — smothered in butter, racism, and disappointment.

However, the guy went from bad to worse, so so so much worse, the moment that Donald J. Trump took office. And I do mean the moment he took office.

All throughout Donald’s campaigning days, Lindsey Graham was quite literally one of the biggest Trump detractors on this side of the Mississippi.


Seriously, he called him an “enormous douche,” for God’s sake.

But that giant douche must have some dirt that would cause Graham’s mama to need a fainting couch because he went from “giant douche” to “please sir, may I lick your lifted boots again” real quick like, the moment Trump moved his golf clubs into the White House.

And though every once in a great while, Graham’s facade will crack and he’ll remind us all that the tiny boy inside him hates Trump with the passion of a thousand suns, for the most part, his blind loyalty to the bunker boy in chief has yet to falter.

However, we just weren’t prepared for the most recent lengths our resident southern fried bootlicker seemed to go to this time.

In a photo now circulating on social media, it appears as though Lindsey Graham has actually dyed his hair to match the same putrid orange hue of Donald Trump’s.

Y’all… Twitter did not hold back:

Whatever Trump has on him, it better be good.

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