Social Media Users React To Ivanka After She Posted Seemingly Awkward Photo: “Yes, Narcissism Is Hereditary”

Well this is awkward.

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I’m not sure what Ivanka Trump is up to — whether she’s trying to distract from the Roger Stone pardon we all know is coming down the pike, or perhaps her daddy’s flailing poll numbers, or maybe just the fact that the neurosyphilis seems to be taking hold for good after that absolutely insane Colorado Springs rally last night. Or, maybe, she really was just “feeling cute, might delete later” — but whatever the reason, Nepotism Barbie is as it again.

In today’s episode of “What In The Actual Hell Is Wrong With The Trumps,” social media users have gotten their teeth into a photo that the favorite first daughter posted to her Instagram account this morning.

Granted, most of the things posted by Ivanka (and the rest of the Trump spawn, honestly) is pretty weird. When it comes to the eldest MAGA daughter, she typically fills her feed with out of context quotes that manage to make the whole lot of them look like even bigger jackasses than the day before, or she’s not-so-inconspicuously bragging about her designer clothes as she jets off to make whatever third-world country she’s sticking her surgically-perfected nose into that day feel a little worse for wear in the wake of her presence.


But today’s picture struck an extra odd chord.

In the black and white photo posted to her social media page today, Ivanka can be seen poised on some sort of box, holding a paper cup in one hand and the back of her neck with the other, with a look of I don’t even know what… Despair, maybe… Plastered all over her face.


I don’t know.

I’m not sure if she’s trying to depict herself as poor so maybe all of the actual poor people that her father just continues to make poorer feel as though she’s sympathizing with them. Or perhaps she’s trying to illustrate the struggles she’s faced as the queen of nepotism amid her daddy’s numerous scandals.

Whatever it is, social media users ain’t impressed:

Ah, Twitter. You never let me down.

Featured image via Political Tribune gallery

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