Social Media Responds To Pence Being Named Coronavirus Czar: “We Are Doomed”

It's OK, y'all can just pray it away.

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After a backlash over the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak that has gone worldwide, Donald Trump said during a press briefing that the administration has done a “great job” of handling the crisis. That, of course, just isn’t true. In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command. Trump killed the pandemic response system because it was established during the Obama administration.

Warnings have been given from health officials to say that an outbreak is imminent in the U.S. and that caused the Dow to tumble for days. Despite the warnings, the president has continued to project unwavering optimism that the country remains safe, and his officials have falsely claimed that the coronavirus is contained.

So, how much more could Trump fuck this up? A lot. Trump just named Vice President Mike Pence as the Coronavirus Czar. Pence, who is guided by his right-wing faith, and has no experience in this matter, except to fuck up matters more.



Social media users piled in.

When an HIV outbreak occurred in Indiana, then-Governor Pence is credited with allowing it to get out of control. A reluctant local sheriff encouraged Pence to authorize a clean-needle exchange, a proven tool to reduce such an outbreak and given how the drug epidemic was the catalyst for the HIV outbreak, it seemed like a good solution to slow it down. The outbreak spurred by public health funding cuts and Pence’s moralistic stance against needle exchanges, HuffPo reported.

The New York Times reported when he became Donald Trump’s running mate, “Mr. Pence, a steadfast conservative, was morally opposed to needle exchanges on the grounds that they supported drug abuse.” However, research disagrees with Pence. It’s been determined that needle exchanges do reduce HIV and hepatitis, and it’s also been established that they do not encourage drug use.

In conclusion, we are fucked. Trump just named a guy who caused an outbreak to oversee an outbreak. Trump literally tapped the guy who caused the spread of HIV in Indiana.

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