Social Media Responds To Jr. After He Tries To Take A Cheap Shot At Hillary Over Lewinsky Scandal: “Hasn’t Your Dad Cheated On Every Wife He’s Had?”

Can he explain why his dad cheated on his mom next?

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Donald Trump Jr. took a cheap shot at Hillary Clinton in the wake of her husband former President Bill Clinton explaining why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

In an upcoming documentary about Hillary Clinton, Bill expressed remorse for the affair.

“We all bring our baggage to life and sometimes we do things we shouldn’t do,” Clinton said. “It was awful what I did.”


He then explained that he did it because of the anxiety and pressures he felt being president.

“You’ve been in a 15 round prize fight that was extended to 30 rounds, and here is something that will take your mind off of it for awhile,” he said. “Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments and terrors, fears of whatever. The things I did to manage my anxieties for years — I’m a totally different person than I was.”

Hillary has since forgiven her husband, but none of it mattered to Trump Jr., who used Bill’s remarks to take a cheap shot at Hillary on Twitter.

Of course, Don Jr’s own daddy cheated on his mother Ivana Trump, resulting in a divorce. His father also went on to have extramarital affairs during his next two marriages.

Even Don Jr. himself carried on an extramarital affair with a mistress during his marriage to his former wife Vanessa and allegedly offered her hush money to keep quiet about it. Like father, like son.

His hypocritical attack on Hillary blaming her for Bill’s affair soon drew the wrath of Twitter users.

Don Jr. clearly has no shame, because if he did, he would be too embarrassed to post such cheap shots knowing that his and his dad’s own extramarital affairs would be thrown in his face.

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