Social Media Responds After Trump Sends Holiday Message With Grammar Error: “It’s Presidents’ Day, Idiot”

Dumb? Arrogant? Why not both?

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On Monday, America was once again reminded of the shame of having Donald Trump as president as he tweeted about the holiday he probably likes best, Presidents’ Day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how much he likes it because he can’t be bothered to get the name right before tweeting it out to his 73 million followers.

That’s a screenshot for when he invariably deletes the actual tweet later on — although as of the time I’m writing this, the incorrect tweet is still up. Who knows? He may not delete it at all. God knows he doesn’t care about looking stupid, or he’d try to do so a little less than “daily, varying only in frequency and amplitude.”


If the error isn’t immediately apparent to you, it’s probably because “President’s” seems so right coming for Trump — he probably does think this is a holiday that celebrates the President, which would make it all about him while he’s in office.

Unfortunately for the Demander in Chief, it’s actually a holiday celebrating either George Washington’s birthday, Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s combined birthdays, the birthdays of those two and Thomas Jefferson, or some combination thereof. Officially, it’s not a holiday celebrating the President in any state or province.

Jeremy there wasn’t the only person nonplussed by Trump’s moronic post.

It’s hard to overstate how tedious it has become trying to differentiate between the times when Trump is just being stupid or ignorant again, and when he’s being an egotistical douche. Does he mean he thinks the day is about him? Does he really just not have a firm enough grip on grammar to get this very simple holiday name correct?

It really doesn’t matter, honestly. He looks the same either way.

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