Social Media Responds After Trump Praises GOP Senator For Echoing Russian Conspiracy Theory In Interview

He's not even trying to hide it anymore.

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Donald Trump just praised Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) after he was thoroughly called out for pushing propaganda that only benefits Russia. Interestingly, Kennedy was one of eight Republicans who went to Moscow on Independence Day last year. That’s what you call bad optics.

Kennedy was interviewed on Meet the Press by anchor Chuck Todd and appeared to double-down on his previous remarks regarding Ukraine, this time accusing the former president of Ukraine of working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Of course, the Louisiana Republican has zero proof of his claim, and there is overwhelming proof that Russia interfered in our election to help Trump win the coveted keys to the White House.

Naturally, the “president” tripled-down on pushing this blatant propaganda in a tweet.


Twitter wasn’t having any of it.

Former White House official Fiona Hill, an expert on Russia, called out Republican lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee last month for echoing Russian propaganda by fomenting the “fictional narrative” that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. They’ve obviously ignored Dr. Hill’s warning FOR SOME REASON.

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