Social Media Responds To Trump After He Misunderstands NYT Quote That He Proudly Tweeted Out: “You Didn’t Read The Article Did You?”

Lord have mercy.

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Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline today is a goldmine of stupidity, and looking through his tweets will make you feel like a friggin’ genius. From potty jokes to misspellings, it’s all there. Reading through Trump’s tweets each day will suck IQ points out of your head.

What caught the Internet’s attention was when Trump quoted a New York Times piece from Feb. 1 that he didn’t realize was critical of him, but the word “king” was in it and that captured the former reality show star’s attention, apparently. The author was quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson. Trump, of course, changed the quote from “a king” to “the king.”


Trump obviously didn’t read the article that contains this little gem: “Impeachment will always be a stain on Mr. Trump’s historical record, a reality that has stung him in private, according to some close to him.”

Twitter users noticed that, too.

The “emboldened” part is exactly what we’ve all been worried about with President Ranty following his acquittal by Senate Republicans in a trial that disallowed witnesses and documents. Everything is playing out as predicted, unfortunately.

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