Social Media Reacts After Trump Reads Off A List Of Countries That Are Ranked Best And Worst Prepared For A Pandemic “Like It Is A Group Of Yelp Restaurant Ratings”

He's only making the case that America needs a better leader who can actually handle this outbreak properly.

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President Donald Trump’s desperate effort to spin the worsening coronavirus outbreak continued on Wednesday night during an embarrassing news conference in which he actually read off a list of countries best prepared for pandemics as some sort of proof that everything is under control.

Trump and his team have been bungling the response to the virus from the beginning, even going so far as to deny there’s much of a problem at all.

This is not a good thing, however, because the public needs to take this pandemic seriously so they will be more prepared to prevent themselves from contracting it and from spreading it to others if they do.


But Trump is freaking out, not because coronavirus is spreading, but because the stock market is reacting negatively to it.

And for some reason, Trump thought he could makes things better by holding a news conference to repeat his debunked lies and doubled down on his claim that everything is under control by reading a list put together by John Hopkins of the nations most prepared to deal with a pandemic.

To no one’s surprise, Trump repeatedly noted that the United States tops the list and he held it up to show everyone the chart.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Social media users had comments.

Trump is incapable of dealing with a global health crisis. He has gutted the government and refuses to tell the truth because it makes him look bad. Just because we are tops in preparedness, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned about the coronavirus. And it certainly doesn’t mean we should take Trump at his word that it’s contained. It’s not. He’s only making it clearer that our country needs a better leader.

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