Social Media Believes Trump Openly Disrespected Female Swiss Leader When She Brought Up Climate Change: “Wow, He Didn’t Try To Act As If He Gives A Sh*t”

He's such a d*mn jerk.

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Donald Trump, who spent yesterday at Davos addressing his fellow world leaders, delivered one of his most self-centered, Trumpian speeches to date as he spent pretty much the entire address bragging on his own “accomplishments,” giving himself a rowdy pat on his own back, and just all around being his typical egotistical self while the rest of the world’s leaders attempted to actually discuss matters of legitimate importance such as cooperation around the globe and that pesky little climate change that’s going to starkly monopolize Satan’s business down in Hell — because who needs Hades when the whole fucking world is on fire, right?

“The United States is by far the strongest economic power in the world. It’s not even close,” Donald prattled on, squinting from time to time at what I am almost certain was one of those teleprompters he never uses because “OBAMA!” during his 30-minute snoozefest speech, going on to mention an “economic boom the likes of which the world has never seen before,” as he harped on about his bullshit tax and regulation cuts and hairbrained trade deals.

None of this really had anything to do with anything.


Donald’s address to the gathering at Davos was certainly starkly different from those of his fellow world leaders to take the stage before him — who used the platform and opportunity to speak on real global issues and encouraged the world to come together in an effort to unitedly tackle prominent issues.

“The world is on fire,” Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga blistered as she prepared to show footage of bees, a creature that’s absolutely crucial to a sustainable world, losing their habitats due to environmental changes.

“We need politicians to take action in their own countries,” Sommaruga stated in what appeared to be a comment aimed at the United States. Frankly, it’s one we deserve at this point.

Later in the day, Trump sat down for a bit of a meet-and-greet with the Swiss President and unfortunately it appeared as though Sommaruga’s firey call to action did absolutely nothing to peak Trump’s interests, which frankly are comparable to that of a 2-year-old’s.

During the sit down between the two world leaders, the Swiss President again attempted to bring up the climate change crisis, this time on a more personal level with the one world leader who we all know is holding up progress. However, Trump just barely seemed to acknowledge her at all. Instead only replying with a half-hearted, wholly-disinterested “Sure.”

Twitter users were quick to point out how rude they felt that his interaction was with his fellow world leader:

Long story short, the man has just successfully embarrassed us all yet again.

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