Senator Goes On CNN, Gives Play By Play Of Trump’s “Meltdown” In White House Meeting: “Belligerent From The Get-Go”

He really lost it in there!

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Yesterday Donald Trump was supposed to conduct a White House meeting with members of Congress to discuss ways to move forward on the situation that Trump himself has induced with the Kurds. Considering that the absolute slaughter of one of our staunchest allies was the direct result of Trump’s own bullshit decision to pull US troops from the Syria–Turkey border, it’s pretty safe to say that no one in that room was very happy with him — even the members of his own GOP party.

And we’re all well aware of the way Donald behaves when he feels like he’s being challenged or ganged up on. So, ultimately, the meeting was cut drastically short after Trump had what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described as a “meltdown.”

Now, of course, members of Trump’s side of the fence have been quick to claim that the dissolution of the gathering was solely the fault of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats — despite the fact that Donald was literally in there calling the House Speaker childish names.


Nancy and some of her fellow Dem colleagues were quick to defend themselves.

However, one Democratic Senator that was personally in the meeting in question has now come forward on CNN and described just exactly what took place during Trump’s “meltdown.”

“The meeting started off with the president walking in and slamming down his files on the table,” Sen. Robert Menendez began. “It was belligerent from the get-go… you have the president of the United States, who is supposed to bring our country together, particularly in times of challenges, [calling] the Speaker a third-rate politician.”

The Senator then went on to explain how Trump labeled the Kurdish people as “communists” before going on an unhinged attack against former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Menendez then described how unsettled it makes him feel to have someone of Trump’s manic temperament serving as this nation’s commander in chief.

“I did not see a person who was of the temperament and had a grasp of the issues that would ultimately show a sense of feeling that there was a person totally in control,” he stated. “And what I saw yesterday, I have not seen in 27 years in serving under four different presidents.”

The truth will come out in the end. And as always, it doesn’t look good for Trump.

You can watch the clip here:

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