Sean Hannity Appears To Threaten Releasing Possible Phone Numbers Of Republican Senators If They Allow Impeachment Witnesses

Raise the bar, Sean.

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Fox  News host Sean Hannity will do anything for Donald Trump, apparently, including sending the online MAGA-army after Republican Senators if they vote to allow witnesses to be called during the Senate impeachment trial. Hannity threatened to publicize the phone numbers of any GOP Senators who support having a fair impeachment trial for Trump, Media Matters reports.

Hannity did not specify what phone numbers he was threatening to publicize, though. The Fox News host may have been talking about phone numbers that are already public, but even then, Trump supporters would inundate their phone lines and we can only imagine the insane rhetoric that would be issued by the MAGA people.

“They now get to present their case to all of you Republican senators,” Hannity said. “Don’t make me start giving out the phone number!” Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she will send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, Little Sean said he would let one witness come forward.


“It’s not your job to present their case, let them bring in their one relevant witness, Ambassador Sondland, or read back his testimony,” he said. “And do not—let them fail spectacularly, as they will, that’s your role. It starts Wednesday. Do your job. Show fidelity to the Constitution.”


The scream-y rage-y Fox News host must have heard that Republican Senator Susan Collins said that she is working with a “fairly small group” of GOP senators to allow witnesses in Trump’s impending impeachment trial. “I am hopeful that we can reach an agreement on how to proceed with the trial that will allow the opportunity for both the House and the president’s counsel if they choose to do so,” Collins said, according to the Bangor Daily News.  Collins did not mention which GOP Senators she is working with, though, and that’s obviously a good thing at this point.

Trump has been tweeting all morning about his looming impeachment trial. The “president” has been yelling about “Do nothing Democrats” while tweeting out fake poll numbers and continuing his obsession with Pelosi.

I suppose he’s never heard of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, the pedophile who molested boys. Now, if Hannity is talking about Republicans’ private phone numbers, that’s called doxxing and it is an illegal act that is used to intimidate and harass someone. If he’s talking about their public phone numbers, then he just insinuated that Trump supporters don’t know how to Google.

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