Schiff Appears To Issue Thinly-Veiled Warning To Trump In Response To His Attacks Against Former Ambassador

Schiff is having NONE of Trump's bullsh*t.

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The second round of public impeachment hearings is currently underway. After hearing testimonies from Bill Taylor and George Kent earlier this week, the American public is now witnessing a first-hand recollection of events from the former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yavanovitch — who was brutally bullied and smeared by several different members of Trump’s cruel administration, that can only be described as a mob at this point.

Despite the fact that many of Donald’s people have claimed that the president wouldn’t be watching the hearings as he has “better things to do,” it’s already been made strikingly clear over the course of the past three testimonies now that Trump is glued to his TV.

On Wednesday, he sent out a slew of tweets and retweets as the hearings were going on, proving that he was at least tuned in to a degree.


But as Yovanovich testifies today, it’s clear that Trump’s anxiety over the situation has reached new heights. As we speak, the former ambassador is testifying to the abuse and bullying tactics she was subjected to by the president of the United States. And as we speak, the president is doing so yet again.

In the midst of Marie’s testimony, Trump launched yet another smear attack against the former Ambassador. It’s an attack so bad that the Counsel even read the president’s tweet to Marie during the hearing to give her an opportunity to respond.

No matter which way you slice it, Donald’s behavior is blatant witness intimidation, plain and simple. And while it’s absolutely heartbreaking that Yovanovitch is forced to endure further bullying as a result of her bravery, Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is making it very clear to Yovanovitch that she will be protected — while also making it crystal clear to Trump that witness intimidation is not something he takes lightly.

After commending Yovanovitch for her bravery to testify before the Committee given everything that she’s been through, Rep. Schiff brought up the real-time attacks that Donald is launching against the witness and the effect it could have on the willingness of other witnesses to come forward.

Before wrapping up his statement, Schiff issued a comforting statement to Yovanovitch while simultaneously issuing a thinly-veiled warning to the president who seems to believe that he’s above the law.

“I want to let you know, ambassador, that some of us here take witness intimidation very, very seriously,” Adam Schiff stated for all of America to hear.

Consider that your only warning, Donald. I don’t believe Schiff is operating on the three-strikes rule.

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