Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Appears To Endorse Biden-Harris Ticket, Posts Selfie With Kamala Harris

This might send dear old dad over the edge.

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Every once in a while, I do a little mental exercise to gauge whether the importance of writing about Donald Trump and the Republicans day in and day out is worth the toll it takes on me mentally and emotionally: I sit down with the toughest story I’ve written in a week and ask myself, “Was writing this harder than being Donald Trump’s lawyer?”

As you can see, if you’ve been with me across websites and on to my home here at Political Tribune, I haven’t given up writing about those assholes.

That’s because being Trump’s lawyer is probably the worst job in the world, honestly. I am downright blessed in comparison with anyone who’s ever gotten up in the morning knowing they’d have to defend the things this idiot does.


He’s got former personal lawyers who have quit their practice or even gone to prison, he’s got former White House lawyers who have abandoned decades-long federal positions to get away from him, and he’s got Rudy Giuliani, who, let’s face it, belongs in a nuthouse.

It HAD to be working for Donnie that drove Rudy over the edge. Yes, he was always a self-aggrandizing son of a bitch with a racist streak and a tendency to rewrite history. But that description fits every Republican for the last 40 years. What’s wrong with Rudy is obviously a series of events that just led to him finally snapping and posting garbled nonsense on his Twitter feed, showing up drunk to interviews, and frantically pursuing the same thing that got his client impeached long after the impeachment.

Now poor Rudy is going to have a clinical meltdown.

That’s because his daughter Caroline Rose, isn’t just supporting the Biden-Harris ticket in 2020 — she’s clearly pals with at least one half of that ticket, Kamala Harris:

It’s not that Rudy didn’t know Caroline was a liberal — hell, she supported Obama in 2008, the same year Rudy himself was vying for the Republican nomination before ultimately losing to John McCain. But this Rudy is not the Rudy of a dozen years ago. His steadfast loyalty to Donald Trump is certain to be tested, should the president happen across Rudy’s daughter’s post and tweet that she’s a horse-faced idiot or something.

That’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility for Trump, after all.

Either way, as happy as it made us to find out that there was a sane member of the Trump clan — Mary — it is equally as joyous to be reminded that even Crazy Rudy has someone in his family who isn’t ass-over-ears crazy about Trump.

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