Right Before Trump Is Scheduled To Visit National Shrine, He Takes To Twitter To Attack Protesters, Calling Them “Lowlifes And Losers”

Ladies and gentlemen, your 12-year-old President.

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It’s hard to imagine life anymore without the constant buzzing, droning irritation of the Twitter feed of the President of the United States. Users have tried in vain to report tweets from Donald Trump’s personal account, but the social media platform, aside from mildly censoring a few of his most offensive tweets, has allowed him to attack people left and right in violation of the site’s Terms of Service, all in the name of the “public interest.”

I wonder what the public interest is, however, in allowing the tweet that Trump fired off the day after he very openly declared himself a dictator by ordering an attack on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park using tear gas and giant rubber projectiles.

What is the public interest in allowing the President to inflame the rhetoric, call names, make the situation even worse, all from a platform amplified by having an audience numbered in the millions?


That’s the guy who’s supposed to be the president of everyone calling anyone who disagrees with him, anyone exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and protest, “lowlifes and losers.” And not just protesters — Trump is attacking the city of New York over their coronavirus response when he himself is personally responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Did we mention that the national shrine Trump is visiting today is the memorial to the former Pope, John Paul II? On the day after he viciously, needlessly attacked protesters so that he could clear a path to a photo-op staged with a Bible he clearly never opens, he heads to another religious site while railing against the very downtrodden that Pope John Paul II — now a saint — dedicated his life to defending.

It’s hardly parody anymore. This is just a bitter taste in the mouth of America.

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