Reports Coming Out Of WH Reveal Meeting Between Trump And Pelosi Went South After Trump Allegedly Called Her A “Third Rate Politician”

Holy pissed-off presidents!

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In a meeting at the White House between President Trump and members of Congress this afternoon, things apparently came to a boiling point for the President, who was unable to control his temper and began calling members — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — names unbefitting such a meeting.

After the meeting, which took place shortly after two significant events, House Democrats appeared for a press conference that showed just how distressed they were by the unhinged President’s behavior. Those events were Trump’s joint presser with the President of Italy and the vote in the House to condemn Trump’s actions in Syria and Turkey.

It was that second one, however, that seemed to get the President so rattled that he apparently called Pelosi a “third rate politician,” something he’s said on Twitter plenty of times about plenty of people, but never to the Speaker’s face.


House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer attempted to explain to the gathered reporters what had just transpired:

Trump’s reaction to the overwhelming show of bipartisan opposition to his thoughtless Middle East policy decisions had him so riled up that I’m honestly surprised he didn’t punch someone in the face.

This is what it looks like as Trump’s world comes crashing down around him: Name-calling, tantrums, and angry outbursts, and now all in person rather than only on Twitter. When he goes from the Oval Office, we’re sure he will be kicking and screaming.

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